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event 4The warehouse of Global is an enclosed building and protects the stored goods from environmental influences. They are secured against fire by the design of the buildings and technical facilities. They are secured against fire by the design of the buildings and technical facilities. The fire brigade facility has access to enable appropriate firefighting.

The locking system of the stored goods ensures that the access to the building is controlled.

Our warehouse is equipped with three different storage conditions;

  1. (2oC – 8oC)
  2. (15oC -25oC)
  3. ambient condition.

There is specific quarantine and sampling areas with dedicated separate storage location for cephalosporin, and steroids. There are controlled rooms with HVAC for specific materials and the conditions are monitored to confirm compliance with the requirements. Also there is retention sample room. The materials are stored in the warehouse by pallet racking. The status of materials and products is controlled by colored status sticker. The transaction of materials is done according to "first in first out" system. Accounting and storage is maintained through SAP.

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Our school goals

Jamila Sultana Foundation

Ever since the establishment of Jamila Sultana Foundation in 2004.

The aim was to provide quality services to maximum thalassemics under much conducive environment, both for children and their families. We have accepted an upheaval task to provide best complementary services to all dependent patients, irrespective of their social status...

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